27 July 2013

Audrey's birthday party!

I can't believe I didn't take my camera! Audrey's birthday was actually on the18th, but we got together today for a party. Micah and Adam set up the party in the field next to Adam's grandparent's house. There's a nice fire ring where we had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and smores. Then we sang the birthday song and Audrey blew out her "2" candle and ate a cupcake. I made the cakes and cupcakes and Audrey pronounced them dee-WISH-us! Then came present opening. She got lots of books (which she tried to read, but everyone hurried her on to the other gifts!) She also got coloring books galore, crayons, markers, a purse, and a plethora of My Little Ponies. Her mom and dad got her a tricycle/Big Wheel type vehicle with Dora the Explorer on it. She and cousin Cali played on the antique playground equipment that grandpa installed in the field. It's such a unique area. There are small patches of lilies, black eyed susans and other pretty flowers scattered here and there, a small playground, the fire pit and odds and ends of decorative metal objects (like an old arbor) placed here and there. It's kind of magical. Micah was apologetic about not thinking up something fancier to do for a party, but I think Audrey had a blast and everyone else really enjoyed the outdoor time.

The weather has cooled off as expected. It's feeling like...FALL! Yikes!

I caught Bob out in the pasture visiting with the horses. Before I clicked the shutter they were all gathered around sniffing at him. Pretty cute.

Josh once bemoaned the fact that people don't make their own greeting cards with their own words inside. So this is the card I made him for his 29th birthday, which will be on August 2. I hope he likes it. I wrote about a fond memory I had of his younger years when he loved to go fishing. I suspect he loved the solitude and time to think more than actually catching fish. He usually fished off the side of a bridge and he once came home and told me about how a huge loon had swum under the bridge. It looked like a torpedo under the water. I have so many good memories of my kiddos growing up, and I'm so proud of the grown people they've become!
Please continue to keep Bob in your prayers. Thursday is the appointment to get the lung checked and biopsied. He's feeling kind of glum and having pain from the ribs he injured on his left side. He's trying not to listen to Satan's whisperings, but when it's quiet his mind thinks on it too much. Thanks!
I think I already showed this picture, but I love it, so here it is again!

 Have a blessed day! Jesus will never leave us or forsake us! The road leads home! :)

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  1. Hello dear friend,
    Yes, praying for Bob.
    I love the card you made for your son. Precious. YOU are such an artist. One of my favs!
    That is the PERFECT setting for a party. I'd like to have my birthday party there!
    Take care and God be with you.