25 June 2013

Mini family reunion!

We're expecting a great get-together today. Trev and Rhonda and the four grands from Maryland are coming to spend the day. Also, Missy and great-grand, Hailey, will be coming. Of course, Micah will be bringing Audrey and Hazel. (Trev's family traveled here by van to attend [grandson] Aaron's wedding next Saturday. They're making a full-blown vacation out of it.)

There are plans in place to play with and feed horses and to go swimming  in the lake. I'm sure there will be lots of talking (I do a lot of listening) and laughter.

Micah's little Audrey tried climbing out of her crib for the first time a couple of days ago and fractured her left arm. Poor little tyke! She's adventurous like her mom. She came walking out of her bedroom saying, "My bone hurts." They weren't sure it was serious at first because she wasn't complaining and seemed to be using it, but took her in for an x-ray and it was, indeed, fractured. She got a soft cast over the weekend but today she gets the real deal. I stopped by their place yesterday and she was kind of proud of her achievement. She proclaimed, "I broke my arm!" and held it up for my inspection. Micah called this morning and said that Audrey had removed the soft cast sometime during the night so she's taking her to the doctor a little earlier than planned this morning. Hopefully she will get the hard cast right away and they can join the family reunion very soon!

I'm hoping to post some pictures later! Y'all be good and shalom!

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  1. Oh no! I've heard of that happening. Some kids are good climbers! Our Brad had a cast when he was 18 months old and he liked to clean it with the garden hose. Ack!