19 March 2009


Two years ago on Easter Sunday my husband, Bob, and I visited a ministry in Ottertail, MN called Firestarters. This is a unique ministry consisting of an extended family, plus other believers. This family took an abandoned grain elevator in a small town and converted it into a really awesome dwelling which houses parents, children and now childrens' spouses and a grandchild. Their living room was designed to be used for worship meetings complete with a stage for the band and room for many people.

My husband had been on crutches for seven years following a fall down stairs which ruined his left knee. He was very depressed with having to live on crutches and trying to do the things he wanted to do with his life. Our sons had been attending this worship gathering for some time and the folks at Firestarters were mentoring them and other members of the new worship band they were forming called Phoenix Awakening.

To make a very long story short, these wonderful caring people called Bob forward for prayer. They had never met him and we had snuck in in the middle of the meeting, but they had noticed his crutches. After a very powerful time of prayer my husband walked out of there without his crutches and hasn't looked back. So the Firestarters folk have a very special place in our hearts.

It takes over an hour to drive to Ottertail from our home, so we haven't been very often, but we sure do believe in what they do as a ministry. That's why I've installed a small music player in my left hand column of some of their music. I also have a player of music by Coty Sloan who sometimes plays with them and has a ministry in his own right, I believe. (Sorry if these details are inaccurate. I'm not that acquainted with everyone involved in the ministry.) Anyway, I hope you will listen to some of their music. I really love "Reflections" which Coty plays.

The Firestarters also recorded my sons' band doing a song called "Hear, Oh Lord" which you can hear on my son Jordan's myspace Just go to his music player and click on "Hear, Oh Lord". Jordan is singing the lead part.

You can learn more about Firestarters by clicking here:


If you go to their photo gallery you can see pictures of their home in the grain elevator and their new ministry place nearby called "The Creamery" which is an old creamery they renovated. Very creative people!


  1. What a wonderful story about your husband's healing! We need to encourage each other with testimonies; thanks.

  2. Amen! My husband has had so many opportunities to share this testimony. He told God he would tell at least one person a day about his healing, and every day at least one person would stop him and ask about it! That went on for months! I think he finally ran out of people to tell!! =0)

  3. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for your testimony. You'll be happy to know that since you've been here last, much has changed for the better. You were correct in your assumption that I would occasionally play violin with the band when I would visit from Dallas, TX.

    About 6 months ago I moved up to Ottertail for good, and am now a part of the ministry here, as well as still having my instrumental music. I would love the chance to meet you and hug your neck and to meet your husband, so please come and visit us in the new Creamery building soon! It's right across the road and next door to the Post Office. 6pm on Sundays!

    Coty Sloan.

    ps. would you mind if we posted you and your husband's testimony on our blog?

  4. Hi Coty,
    So glad to hear from you and it's great to know that you've relocated to Ottertail! I hope we'll be able to visit and worship with you at the Creamery sometime.

    You are very welcome to use our testimony on your blog.

    God bless you! Your music is really a blessing to me.