03 March 2009

Micah Goes to State!

You would think that Josh and Jess getting married would be enough excitement for one week, but N-O-O-O! My 17 yo daughter, Micah, qualified to go to state in gymnastics!

Micah is the first gymnast from her team to qualify for the state meet in seven years. So the whole school was excited.

Micah was homeschooled through 11th grade but decided to attend public school for her senior year. She's been involved in sports in the public schools since 7th grade; everything from volleyball, basketball, track and her favorite, gymnastics. The school she goes to is too small to have a gymnastics program, so she participates in a neighboring school's program.

Last Wednesday her school gave her a hero's send-off. All the high school kids lined both sides of the hallway and made a tunnel with their arms for her to run through. (I imagine she got a playful whack or two on the way!)

Anyway, she didn't win in her event, but she had fun and made some memories.

Yea, Micah!

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