02 June 2009

It's lilac time...

I wish you could smell these beautiful lilacs! They only last a couple of weeks and then they're gone, so I thought I should at least capture them on film.

As I took this close-up photo I heard a faint humming sound and thought, "Oh, good! A bumblebee!" We've all heard of the shortage of bees and I was glad to hear one. But as I looked among the branches I saw the tiniest little bird sitting on a branch looking back at me. "What kind of bird is THAT?" I wondered. A hummingbird, of course. I've seldom seen a hummingbird alight on a branch, but this little light green fellow was sitting on a twig among the lilacs. I tried to get him on camera, but he was off and humming, back in the shadows of the bush, before I could get off a shot.

These are some of the short-lived joys of summer. The lilacs...and the hummingbirds.

1 comment:

  1. i can smell them from here! lol...seriously, I have a big lilac tree, but they will not bloom for another month or so. So pretty....I love the smell throughout my yard when they arrive. Aww..hummingbirds...I love them as well, they are so fast and beautiful!