06 June 2009

Studying Luke...

I promise not to chronicle every day of my Actually Reading the Bible Summer Challenge. Just a quick summary...promise...

I first began by reading Halley's Bible Handbook's commentary on the first chapter of Luke and then began reading the chapter in my ancient NIV Bible, taking notes as I went.

Then I decided to look at The International Inductive Study New Testament, which I had purchased at the library book sale a while back. As I read through the inductive study procedure I thought:

1. This is kind of complicated, and
2. Yeah, but it might make me actually SLOW DOWN and think about what I'm reading!

It can be really difficult to look at familiar scriptures with new eyes. It takes the help of the Holy Spirit and sometimes a new way of studying. I think it's worth a try.

So, here I am underlining, circling, highlighting and drawing little hourglasses next to important elements of the text. After I work through the whole book using the inductive system, I'll probably read it straight through in another version. The one I'm using is The Modern Language New Testament/New Berkeley Version, which I've never heard of.

In addition to the Inductive Study and Halley's Bible Handbook I'm reading a daily dose of "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers and "Sketches of Jewish Social Life" by Alfred Edersheim. In this way I hope to enjoy some of the many books I haven't gotten around to in the "Christian Growth" section of my bookshelves.

It's too cold to be outside so I'll probably have a lazy day of reading and watching old movies. Enjoy your day!

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