16 June 2009

Sketches of Jewish Social Life...

Ah....beautiful...Oh, sorry. I'm listening to Coty Sloan's music player (in my left-hand column). I especially love "Reflections". I tried playing the first little bit of it on my violin. Hmmm... I guess he didn't get that good in a day. Anyway...

I've finally gotten around to reading "Sketches of Jewish Social Life" by Alfred Edersheim. This is a book I started years ago and didn't get very far, but I think it's a good book to give one a feel for the times in which Jesus lived. If you can get used to the old-fashioned, academic sort of language there is a lot to glean from this book. I think it will enrich my study of the New Testament.

I'm also finding other books by the same author to read on-line. I've bookmarked an online version of "History of the Jewish Nation After the Destruction of Jerusalem Under Titus"

I've also got a bid in on this book on eBay, because reading books online gives me a stiff neck! (Please don't bid against me. LOL!)

We're having a wonderful little rain today. I just got caught up on weeding my garden yesterday, so the rain is welcome. I also replanted some of the garden because it's been so cool here that some of it didn't germinate. I hope it will catch up with some warm weather.

Shalom! \0/

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