19 July 2009

Been slacking on this blog...

Mostly because I've been trying to keep up on my exercise and music practice blogs!

Nature note: I saw a Gold Finch flitting among the thistle plants. We have an abundance of thistles and their only redeeming value is that they attract Gold Finches who use the down for nesting.

We've had a lot of cold, cloudy weather this week, but today was sunny and beautiful.

Bob has gone to Ottertail to the Firestarters worship service. I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning, so I thought it smarter to stay home tonight.

I did some baking yesterday. Two loaves of Honey Multigrain Bread and a Rhubarb Crisp. The bread turned out great; the crisp was more crisp and not enough rhubarb, so maybe next year when the rhubarb returns I'll remember to go a little heavier on the fruit. The bread contains cornmeal, rye flour, whole wheat flour and white flour. It's fairly dense, but nice and moist. Haven't baked bread in a long time, so it was a lot of fun. I just need to collect more types of flour and collect some likely recipes.

I ran a 5K yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but since I didn't train for it I'm very sore. Better go stretch and do some reading before retiring for the night!

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