05 July 2009

Happy Fourth...yesterday...

Sorry if that last blog was a little heavy-hitting. You just have days like that sometimes. Not that I'm taking it down. Shoot, it took me too long to write it! =0)

I've been strumming on my guitar after a 29 year hiatus. I found a free online guitar course at justinguitar.com and I'm beginning at the beginning, refreshing my memory of basic chords and letting him teach me a little at a time. I'd like, eventually, to be able to write some worship songs rather than being caught in the old accompaniment tape rut. I'd like to actually allow the Holy Spirit to give me songs. Wouldn't that be cool?

We had a great time watching fireworks with our 2 sons and daughter-in-law last night. We had good seats with cookies, popcorn and juice. This morning we went to church together and then went to Josh and Jess's apartment. They're moving back to Dallas and needed us to cart off some furniture they won't be taking with them. We hugged them good-bye and now we will be praying almost without ceasing for them as they begin this new part of their journey.

Keep on following Jesus and you can't go wrong. As my wise cousin, David, once said, "The road leads home." Yes it does. And we'll all be together when we get there. No worries!


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