22 July 2009

Getting dirty in the garden...

Got home early (4:00) and Bob and I ate a snack and decided to do some work outside. He's constructing a small building and I needed to do some hand weeding.

It's a nice day, in the 70's with partly cloudy skies.

I spent a lot of time pulling up clumps of weeds and throwing them over the fence to the waiting horses who picked through them looking for their favorite tidbits.

After weeding and hoeing a bit (there's still more to do) I got a laundry basket to gather in the harvest. My garden isn't very big, but after several years of not having one, I'm glad I at least got around to doing it this year!

I harvested spinach to freeze and turnips which I will boil and mash with butter, salt and pepper (I love it; Bob not so much.) I also got a pile of zucchini, which I'll puree and put in freezer bags in 2 cup portions for future zucchini bread. There was also an abundance of lettuce. I planted a mesclun mix and I have to admit, I'm not crazy about the spicy taste. But I eat it because "it's good for me"!

The sunflowers are blooming and the peas are almost big enough to pick. I only planted a few for Bob to eat raw right off the plant.

I've blanched and frozen the spinach and the lettuce is soaking in the sink. The rest I'll do tomorrow since it's my day off.

Oh yeah; a friend from work gave me a bag of rhubarb (I asked around) which I'll freeze to make my favorite coffeecake when we have company next week. (Son Trev and family are driving over from Baltimore.)

Better be off to practice my guitar while Bob's outside pounding nails. That way he doesn't have to witness my mistakes. (Sometimes I just force him to listen. Hee, hee!)

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