27 July 2009

Quite a "day off"!

It's a great day to be outside, and that's a good thing, because we needed to spend a LOT of time outside this morning.

Bob and I spent about 3-4 hours this morning putting up and reinforcing fences. Our smarty pants horses have been getting out a lot lately. Our yearling colt thinks it's worth getting a little shock if he can get on the other side of the fence. So, after chasing them around a few times we decided to create a small 2 acre pasture with a double electrified barbed wire. We disconnected all the rest of the fencing on our property so electricity is only going around that small pasture. Now it really zaps and I just dare him to try it again! LOL! It's nice to relax and not wonder where the horses are. We have to feed hay anyway, so there's no reason they need to have 15 acres to wander around on.

After that I helped Bob keep watch o'er our flock of goats so they could graze in the woods and back pasture. They're kind of fun to watch and I tease him about getting a harp or flute to practice while he's out there. (One of my tinwhistles, maybe?)

My next chore was to pick all of the zucchini. Some of it I will puree to use in zucchini bread. I like to have the freezer full so we have plenty over the winter. What I don't use for zucchini bread or boil up to eat tonight will probably go to the chickens or goats, since most of what is left will be kind of overgrown.

Right now I have two loaves of zucchini bread in the oven and some honey wheat bread rising next to the stove. I also made jello with mandarin oranges and am making my version of swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes for supper.

Bob is off picking up a load of hay, so maybe I'll get in some practice on my instruments.

Au revoir!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I saw your post on another blog and I wanted to know what you do to freeze zucchini. I have lots in my garden for the first time and I want to freeze it for the winter and I wondered if there are any tricks. Just make a comment on my blog to tell me, if you don't mind! Thanks!

  2. Wow! That IS a busy day! I think I'd fall asleep on the couch! I have lots of zucchinis, too. They are going to have to go in the freezer. We can't keep up!