19 March 2012

A day of forced rest...

I had just placed Audrey in the safety of her pack-n-play when my back decided to spasm. No warning; out of the blue. So, it's a good thing I had today and tomorrow off. Bob is spoiling me with glasses of iced tea and food and I'm being totally self-indulgent, reading and drawing/painting as the spirit moves me!

I have produced a piece of art... It's not quite finished, and it is for an art challenge where we are supposed to make a painting of a doll. I have a few other challenges to create things for and a list of other artistic ideas. So it should be a great day, despite the back thing.

Have a great day! It's beginning to look a lot like spring; but in Minnesota it can be deceptive...


1 comment:

  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry your back is acting up.
    I like your dollies. They are super cute.
    Please take care and let that back heal, Lisa.