26 March 2012

Simple Pleasures...

Ah, yes. I spent the day yesterday helping to babysit little Audrey while Micah was at work and Adam, who works the night shift, was sleeping. Bob was here, too, but he had to get hay and do chores, so I did some changing, feeding and entertaining the little one. In the evening Bob, Micah and Audrey went to church in Ottertail. I don't usually go to that evening service if I work the next day because they always get home about 11 p.m. Instead, I stayed home and did a lot of reading, painting and visiting other people's art blogs. My favorite kind of evening!

I'm off to work in half and hour. In my lunch bucket is a homemade bean burrito, a cup of chicken chowder soup and a sweet roll. (Adam brought home a dozen this morning!) In the zipper compartment of my lunch pail is my battered copy of Jane Eyre for lunchtime reading.

These are the good and simple pleasures that make life a little more fun. Here's a picture of my WIP (work in progress). It looks pretty chaotic right now, but I'm confident I can make it look like something with more layers and details. They never look good at this point! Here's a link to the Modigliani painting I'm trying to copy.

Have a great day!

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