10 March 2012

Unearthed treasures!

I don't remember where I picked up these copies of This England magazine, but it was MANY years ago. I didn't remember that I still had them until I started digging through some stored boxes! They are FULL of beautiful pictures of England and interesting stories. I may find some good pictures for painting/drawing. But mostly they'll just be fun to look at.

I also found the first four issues of Practical Homeschooling, plus some later issues. These are collectors items! (Well, not really, but they're pretty old.) I loved these issues mostly for the cover art. After about issue #4 they started putting photos on the cover and it lost a lot of its charm.

Anyway, a fun find. It's a day off so maybe I'll get in some drawing and reading along with playing with Audrey. Bob's off helping with a taekwondo tournament, so it will be quiet around here.

So many ideas for artwork. I'm asking the Lord to guide me into a direction where my art can be used for His glory. Right now I'm in the practicing phase, but I don't want to just use it for a hobby.

Over on Jody's blog she shared this isometric exercise video. This 94 year old lady is so inspiring! I loved the way the little girl (her great-granddaughter perhaps??) is imitating her so seriously. I can just hear her thinking, "Hey, if Grandma looks this great at 94 I'm going to DO this!" LOL! Also, check out the people in the background. Do you get the feeling they're used to this sort of thing? Interesting.

Have a great day! Go with God! :)

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