14 May 2012

Great-grandson, Oliver, arrives!

My granddaughter, Tori, gave birth to little Mr. Oliver Thomas on May 9th! She is smitten for sure! They live in Oklahoma, so we'll have to be content with pictures for now.

I love this simple black and white photo. Isn't Tori a beautiful gal? We haven't gotten to see her much as she's grown up way down in Oklahoma, but she's a sweetie. Tori's a single mom, so she'll have many challenges ahead. We'll be praying and she has a loving family to help her as well.


Tori reminds me so much of her mom, my step-daughter Tammy, in these pictures. Don't worry, Oliver, you will be loved and taken care of!


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  1. Love the names! Tori and Oliver shall have grand adventures. God bless her and her new lamb!