11 May 2012

Library book sale!!

Ha-ha! I missed the last library book sale, so I was determined to make it this time! I worked from 9-5 yesterday and the sale closed at 6:30 so I hurried over in my J&B Foods uniform (yuck!) and began my search of the shelves and boxes of books.

I first went to the literature section looking for classics. These were the 25-50 cent books. I found several treasures including a paperback copy of "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis which I plan to mail to a young friend who just moved out of the area. She worked with me at the deli and was very open to learning more about God, but hadn't gone to church growing up. I think this book gets some concepts across in a very readable way. I may include another Lewis book from my home bookshelves 'cuz I just love him! I'm also going to make her an artsy bookmark, maybe using zentangles, maybe not. One way to use art for the good of all mankind, eh? :)

Here are some pics of the wonderful books I found!

The story of King Arthur looked interesting. I don't know if I'll get around to reading it, but for 10 cents, I thought it was worth picking up. "Seeing England and Scotland" is a book from the '30's and is full of black and white photos and lots of good info which may be outdated, but still fascinating! I've heard good things about the writings of Rider Haggard, so this was another one I just had to try. Most of my books came from the "Ten Cent Room", so I spent a grand total of about $3.50!
"Godric" is a book I bought for one of my college classes and then, I believe, they switched professors on me and we got a new list of books, so I didn't read it. I'm not sure if I'll like it, but at these prices we can take some chances! "Briar Rose" and the book of "Jewish Folklore" I will add to the folk lore section of my bookshelves. "Someday" I'd like to try my  hand at rewriting folktales for children, so I'm collecting some tales for that purpose.
"The Way Home" and "For the Children's Sake" are two homeschooling classics which I read years ago. I bought TWO copies of "The Way Home" (one of them has my name and phone number in the front because I donated it to the library a LONG time ago!) and I may give them to my daughter-in-law down in Ft. Worth. She's part of a homeschool co-op and they could pass them around.
I always snap up anything to do with writing! The "Writer's Market" book is several years old, but still has lots of good articles.
More writing stuff! Oh, frabjous day! :)
Once again, though these books are a few years old they still have lots of good articles. Fun reading!
This was the most expensive book I bought at $1, but the artwork inside was wonderful and I thought I could find some inspiration for my own art!
Here's that copy of "Screwtape" I mentioned and a really great cookbook that I will have fun looking through. Maybe I'll even make something! :0
Of course, I always pick up some children's books. I'm building a library for Audrey and collecting some favorite illustrators!

This is one of the pages from the "Christmas" book above. I love the drawings and handwriting! It also had some illuminated pages with the big colorful letters and lots of other fun stuff!

So there you are! Another successful book hunt!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the next couple of hours before I go to work. I have to draw my 11th face for the "29 Faces Challenge" on my other blog.

Have a great day!

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