08 May 2012

It's a Girl!

Today was the big day to find out if Micah and Adam are expecting a girl or a boy in September! Bob and I drove Micah to her appointment, along with little Audrey. The ultrasound technician was under strict orders not to tell Micah or us what she found out. Instead, she wrote the verdict on the ultrasound photo which was sealed in an envelope. This photo was delivered to Micah's sister-in-law, Ashley. Ashely devised a creative way to announce the news.

This evening we (Micah and Adam, us and Adam's dad and sisters) met at Adam's dad's house where Ashley whipped out a large water gun filled with colored water. She had told Adam to wear a white T-shirt. She then proceeded to spray him liberally with PINK water, meaning, of course, that it's  GIRL! Afterwards we all went to the local burger joint for supper where Micah announced that they had picked the name Hazel Jane for the new baby. So.... glad THAT'S settled!

I took some snapshots of the weather on our way home from Micah's doctor appointment. It was one of those days of sporadic showers. It would be sunny one moment and raining the next.


Some spooky skies!

Well, that's the news for today. Audrey Rayne and Hazel Jane! They rhyme! :D

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  1. Hello friend! Yahoo! Another granddaughter! We find out if our September grand is a boy or a girl very soon!
    Love the squirt gun. Hilarious!