26 May 2012

A sunny day on our little farm...

Since we moved into our new place we have to make a garden area and begin creating a lawn out of what was pasture. This is our new front yard...

It's pretty rough right now, but it will evolve. The little sandy patch right in the middle of the picture now has some nice black dirt on it. Bob is planning to make me a flowerbed there with some old wagon wheels and other antique items as accents.

Our garden area was already a garden, but we hadn't used it for several years so it had to be plowed and disked and is now ready for planting.

The little white flags you see behind the garden mark our border fence. Our farm has gotten a lot smaller, but it's still plenty of land for two old duffers like us. We have about 9 acres including the pasture behind the house and the woods beyond that.

This is Bob's new/old John Deere tractor. He had to sell his two tractors a while back, but then found this one and bought it a little at a time. He's lived on a farm since he was a child, so he didn't feel quite complete without his John Deere. He's one happy boy!

Now for the seeds!

Enjoy your summer!

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  1. Fun! I love farmers! It's all so pretty, Lisa!