15 August 2012

Nature at our place...

This little apple tree was planted by my dad quite a few years ago. It took about 7 years to begin yielding apples.

Yesterday I decided to pick some. The birds have already helped themselves to some, but there are plenty left!

I have plans to make my famous Crabby Apple Jelly. I'll need a ladder or something to reach the top ones. I'll get them later. :)

Our sweet corn is very late developing...

So we've been buying ours at the local roadside stands. Really good!

This wild grape vine lives in our pasture and climbs all over the wild plum bushes.

The kids used to like to play under these bushes in the little hidden spots.

This morning the wind is in the willows!

I hope the wind doesn't get too strong! These ancient willows are pretty fragile these days!

Now I'd better get ready for work.

Have a sunny and happy day, all!


1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for the apple varieties to begin appearing in the grocery store produce section. I miss Honey Crisps and another big red type.
    I hope you are looking forward to classes starting. I also hope you won't be too busy to blog!