31 August 2012

A walk with the girls...

Daughter Micah is trying to find ways to hasten the birth of little Hazel Jane. Well, we're not in that much hurry, but she thought a walk into town and back would be fun, so I tagged along!

Audrey seemed to be saying, "Oh, I'll smile if I must, but I'd rather look at all this stuff!"

When we got to beautiful downtown Nevis this couple on a homemade bicycle for two crossed the trail in front of us. I wasn't fast enough with the camera, but it's quite a contraption. The little gingerbread looking building to their left is a daycare. Right over the top of the blue vehicle you can see a shelter which houses Nevis's giant muskie statue. Every town needs a giant animal statue!

On the return trip I caught a glimpse of the setting sun between the trees. This actually looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. Kind of scary...but pretty in person.

It was sort of a cloudy day, and it was getting dark, but pleasant for walking. Audrey watched an acrobatic squirrel jumping from tree-to-tree. He did it for quite a while, but my slow camera would never have captured him, so I just watched with her instead.

A little earlier in the day Audrey did a piano duet with Grandpa. They played "Taffy Was a Robber"; the only song Grandpa knows on the piano.

I also checked up on the progress of this little Hubbard squash. Not much growing season left little squash! Maybe those weeds will keep you warm?

I was noticing how bright this little corner is. I bought some new highlighters and sticky bookmarks for school. The little rake is a telescoping backscratcher! Handy!

Today was my first day of nursing classes. Unfortunately, one class was cancelled because the instructor's father-in-law passed away and they had to make a long trip to Oregon to be with the family. The one class we had went very well, and I'm much less nervous about it now. We split up into teams of 4 or 5 and these are the folks we'll work with all semester when we do group activities.

Right now I'm going to go open a couple of online accounts at websites where we'll be doing some of our classwork and then I'm going to get a head start on my Microbiology reading for next week.

Have a great evening and lots of shalom in your home!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE my "art by Lisa" goodie! Your work is sweet and good! I am currently moving my stuff from downstairs to Jeff's old bedroom upstairs (have to move all his leftover stuff out, too!) and I'm not sure I'm up for the task. What does motivate me is preparing a little something for you, dear friend. Thank you SO much for a very special gift of your genius! I shall comment on each piece via email.
    Audrey is so cute. That face is precious! I liked walking through your town!
    Did you know that my Jenny is going to deliver Elizabeth Jane this month? We'll have twin granddaughters. Yay!