07 August 2012

Things keep changing some more!

A few posts back I mentioned that my son Josh and his family only stayed a short time and then returned to Texas. Well...they're back!

Miss Starry

Yup, a large potato processing company that he had applied to here called him up in Texas and offered him a job, so the family packed up again and made the trip once more. Poor kids!

Nathan and Audrey visiting.

They stayed with a friend for a couple of weeks and now have moved into their own place; a nice little townhouse on the edge of town with a view of fields and trees out their back window.

So, we're glad they are back and hopefully when they get their routine established for the kids we'll see more of them.

Meanwhile, Audrey is learning to help out in the kitchen! (And someday I'll get better at waiting 'til my camera focuses before shooting pictures.)

Just an update for Grandpa down in Texas, or anyone else checking in! :)


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  1. Hooray! You're going to have a fun fall and winter with kids and grands at the ready!