25 August 2012

A relaxing day!

Only one more day before school begins and I've been doing a lot of puttering and some artsy stuff. Hubby and daughter, Micah, along with Audrey, made  a trip to Bemidji to buy trim for the trailer that Micah and family will soon be moving into. So, I've had several hours to do my own thing. Ahhh!

Besides creating this lovely stew...

I also cleaned up an old shelving unit we are putting in our pantry. I won't show pics of our pantry because it's a disaster, but that will soon change with all the new shelves! :D

Earlier, I went outside and fed hay to one of our horses and covered the hay stack in case it rains. That's been the extent of my outside work, except for when I washed the shelves with a bleach solution. I did that on the porch.

Oh, while I was outside I took a couple of photos of the squash plants and a few actual squashes! Our harvest has been sparse because we have been bad farmers, leaving nature to take her course without our intervention. That method doesn't make for bounteous harvests...

I think this next little guy is a hubbard squash. I don't think he's going to grow up in time!

Micah's been creating another diaper cake for a friend's baby shower. I think she's getting pretty good at this. By the way, you don't eat these...

Besides my above activities, I sat around and drank iced tea while watching HGTV. A favorite past time. And then I did a little drawing and coloring to make something for the LISA AND KAREN ART EXCHANGE.  I will only show you the outside of the envelope, because I want the contents to remain a surprise until Karen/Pom Pom receives it on her end in beautiful Centennial, CO. :D

Pom, I've been re-reading "Lisa's Brown Cloak" and still find it very inspiring! Thanks for writing a book just about me!

I still enjoy seeing how you morph people into your own peeps! I'll probably mail that brown envelope on Monday so I can get the right amount of postage. ;)

The family has returned as I typed this, so I'll join Bob for a bowl of stew and we'll probably begin boiling some sweet corn. (Though I may devour my stew first. I'm HUNGRY!)

Have a great day! I plan to enjoy my Sunday and then jump into my new year of schooling. Please pray!!! :)


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  1. Oh, thank you SO much, Lisa! I enjoyed looking at my art! You are a dear. I am going to put your work in a notebook now!
    I pictured a few things today on my blog and I longed for some art time so I might satisfy my longing this afternoon in between school tasks.
    I can't wait to get my package! I shall begin working on a similar package and mail it off to Minnesota! FUN! (BIG HUG!)
    The stew sounds wonderful and I love your crock pot's color!
    The diaper cakes are getting fancier and fancier! What a great idea!