17 February 2009

Been Visiting...

Oh, the temptation to follow all of those blog rabbit trails!

I was first inspired to start a blog by reading Gumbo Lily's blog (Jody) and, of course, one blog leads to another. All of those links with fascinating names. How can a person resist. Just one more! Who knows what wonderful things await.

And so it goes...and goes...and goes. But, I'm not complaining!

Tonight I've visited Mary Jane Butter's website and watched some videos about what goes on at her organic farm. This is one busy lady. It almost makes me feel stressed out to think about her keeping that whole enterprise running. What a beautiful place and so many creative and useful things going on. You can see a video at the bottom of my blog.

Another blog espousing ideas organic is Self-Sufficientish. Whah? You just hafta look into a blog with a name like that!

I also visited Coffee, Tea, Books and Me. I really appreciate the insights expressed on this blog and I look forward to reading more and following some of her links. I knew when I saw the copy of "The Hidden Art of Homemaking" by Edith Schaeffer on her table, that I would love her blog. It's so much fun to find others who share our interests and our outlook on life.

Of course, there are millions of blogs out there and we could spend a lifetime running from one to another. So this is one more area where we have to discipline ourselves not to get carried away. But it is a pleasant occupation to unwind after a long day.

Thanks to all of you who make it so much fun!

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