01 February 2009

Reading About Running on a Cold Winter's Night...

I was exploring Laura A's wonderful blog (so much interesting stuff to read!) when I noticed the word "running" in her list of labels. Following this tempting rabbit trail I came across several entries about her husband Bob running marathons and half-marathons. You go, Bob! I'm proud of you!

I've run a couple of 10k's, and quite a few 5k's over the last 3 years. I discovered running late in life; at about age 48 or 49. We live next to a beautiful hiking and biking trail here in the northwoods of Minnesota, so I have no excuse to vegetate when the weather is nice. So, when I saw Bob running all of those long races it made me begin to really count the days until I could get out there once again.

At the moment I can hear snowmobiles racing through the dark just down the hill from our house. In the winter the trail belongs to them, but come warmer weather, when the snow and ice finally disappear, I'll be out there. I may just be walking at first, but I'll work my way up until I'm ready to enter that first 5k of the summer.

I'm more of a "plodder" than a runner, but I think any of us can get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and get a little more fit if we will just take that first step and then another. Give it a try. I'll be rooting for you!

(This is not a picture of me!)

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