28 July 2012

Audrey's belated first birthday....

Audrey's birthday is actually July 18, but today was my first Saturday off, so it worked out well for a birthday in the park.

A variety of relatives attended, including my son Josh (center in the very back in front of column). He and his family moved back for the SECOND time after he secured a job here. That's a gift in itself! Most of these folks are from Audrey's dad's side of the family including two grandpas, a great-grandma, three aunts, some cousins and the gal in the red shirt on the left, who took photos when Audrey was born. She's expecting her own little bundle soon.

That's her mama, Micah, standing. Expecting little Hazel Jane in September!

Audrey ate cake... (Note the lack of clothing. That was planned.)

...'til she was full...

Then she got a bath in the river...

Then it was on to opening presents!

She got lots of cuddly animal toys, stacks of beautiful board books, a laptop, a computerized stuffed puppy that can be programmed to play lullabies and teach her to spell her name (sheesh!) and her favorite...a cellphone... (I'm sorry to admit, we bought this for her. I think my hubby wants his remote back...)

Then it was time for Audrey's first real aquatic experience in the Fish Hook River right next to this park!


There was a short dramatic interlude when Dad's hands                       
slipped and Audrey went into the drink. Her head went under and she was a little shaken...

A little spluttering; a little coughing; a little comforting.

But in the end, she thought it was pretty neat and she looks forward to doing it all over again!

As I type this, Audrey is parked next to our horse pasture in her stroller. She is yelling unintelligible comments at the horses and watching the foals race around. The perfect ending to a perfect birthday!


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  1. What a doll! I'm glad she had such a nice party by the river! Did she see Ratty?