07 June 2013

A little gardening...

With all of the cold weather and rain, most Minnesotans are behind schedule with their gardens. We just planted some rows of corn yesterday in Bob's garden, and this (see photo) is the extent of my gardening ambitions for this summer!

These tomato plants were $1.59 apiece! I chose them mainly for their exotic names. (How's that for master gardening technique?) Two are heirloom varieties, which I think means they have no disease resistance, but who could resist names like Cherokee Purple and Boxcar Willy? The third is a good old Beefsteak tomato. I'm looking forward to some great tomato and Miracle Whip sandwiches on toasted bread! The petunias are also chosen for their name: Celebrity Watercolors! I may buy a few more if I have more pots than plants. The tomatoes are going in large containers on my deck along with the flowers, so I can do my gardening without ever getting  my feet dirty. :)

I love this time of day. That's Bob garden in the foreground.

More evening sunshine!

Hopefully things will warm up in our neck of the woods and our gardens will take off and produce. Hope summer is treating you well!


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  1. Those are definitely good plant names!
    Maybe you should sketch some plant markers!