11 June 2013

More yard and garden news...

Just came in for a sandwich and some tea after some yard/garden work. It's finally warming up enough to plant the garden and some flowers!

The containers on my deck are filled with flowers and tomatoes. Now to wait while they grow and produce! 

This little pack of petunias has yet to be planted...

My manager at work gave me a bag full of raspberry plants that she had thinned out of her huge raspberry patch. I planted them at the edge of our yard among some sumac. I'm hoping they'll think they're back in their original woodland habitat. I'm also hoping it will help Bob to avoid them with the lawnmower until they're big enough to see! Spread like crazy, little raspberries!

Said manager also gave me a 50 lb. feed bag full of dahlia bulbs! Those are going to become part of this little farm vignette that Bob and I created this morning. (See it out in the yard?) I will plant them around the antique implements and the rest of the plot will be planted in summer squash and lettuce.

I picked up one more 4-pack and some seeds this morning. Lettuce, carrots, peas, zucchini and yellow summer squash, all in that tiny bag. I'd better get out the recipes so I don't fall back on just boiling the squash!


Here's to a lovely summer for all! Shalom!

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  1. I love white petunias, too! It's way too hot to plant today, but I may dig around this evening (when all the bugs come out to bite me).
    I love what you've done. Isn't it fun to dig?