21 June 2013

Omigosh! Lisa's wearing...


And I LIKE them! Who knew I would? They'll take some getting used to, but it's nice to be able to see well at three different distances. (Please excuse the goofy expression. It's hard to take your own picture...)

We've been having tons of rain the last couple of days. Hope the garden doesn't get too soggy!

Micah had her first day of work today. She got a part-time job cleaning at a motel in Park Rapids. She was sad about leaving her girls with someone else but, actually, her only option is family members since they're the only people who will sit for free. With two girls it would cost her $6/hour for a sitter and she's only making $7. I've offered to babysit on my days off, but that's only one weekday per week. Hope she can make enough arrangements to cover her workdays. She also has jury duty next week. Her life is so complicated! (This job is just for the summer. She's hoping to earn enough to buy dog grooming equipment so she can work from home. Prayers appreciated!)

Bob and I just finished doing chores, so now I'm going to check up on my ATC site. Just mailed a batch off and I'm looking forward to receiving some cards soon. Just like Christmas in June!

Talk to you later! Shalom!

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