18 June 2013

Still enjoying the yard...

Remember that little red flower I took a picture of in the back yard? Here is a similar picture...

They're called geum triflorum or Prairie Smoke! I like the second name best! Here's what they look like when they blossom...

Are they cool or what?!? Many, many years ago, when Bob and I had just moved here, I remember seeing a field full of these and wondering what on earth they were. How one little specimen got to my backyard I can only wonder. One of God's little gifts... I'm going to keep an eye on it so I can see it bloom in person.

Oh, Glenn, I forgot to answer a question in your email. The little red bird in my header photo is a scarlet tanager. I've only seen a couple in the 23 years we've lived here. This little guy was pretty curious about us.

Well, I'm off to water the plants on the deck. I just watered all of the raspberries and the sprinkler is working on the large garden. Bob's mowing and the yard's looking pretty good...for what used to be a pasture! :)  But it's our little slice of paradise on earth.

Thank you, Lord, for this green and peaceful place.


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