22 August 2009

Free dough!

The Lord provides in creative ways!

The deli I work in is in a 24-hour grocery store. The bakery is right next to us, so we mingle a lot. This afternoon one of the bakery girls came over with a 5 gallon bucket of bread dough (oatmeal bread, to be exact) and said it had been in the proofing room for a long time and wasn't rising. So, she left it sitting in the deli dish room (I'm not sure why) and after a short time it started to rise like crazy and crawl right out of the bucket!

Since they planned to throw it out (the bakery staff had left for the day so it wouldn't get baked anyway) a couple of us filled small buckets with dough to take home. I've got four pans rising next to the stove and I hope it will work! If I get it all baked I'll have to give some away or freeze it.

Oh, and besides the dough, one of the deli gals gave me a ham bone with lots of ham on it. Bean soup coming up soon!

Having some baking fun!

1 comment:

  1. WEll, think of the bread dough as "manna" from heaven!

    Your ham bone will be great. Reminds me of a story. My friend, Barry's, elder cousin was, literally, on her death bed. She knew it and was peaceful with it. Her family had gathered round and she was, as she had strength, telling them who got what from her meager treasures.

    Just as she was beginning to slip away, she gathered up strength and said, "And that ham bone I have wrapped in the freezer--be sure it goes to Tommy for his beans!"

    I loved it! Only in the south...C