07 August 2009

Nature walk...yesterday.

Went for a brisk two-mile nature walk down the horse trail. Up and down; down and back. I took quite a few pictures. I'll post some of them here.

There was quite a variety of speeds on this walk. I had to stop and take pictures a LOT. Then my memory card was full, so I had to stand there and delete a few so I could take more.

At the half-mile mark there is a small private cemetary plot with a large white cross. Two fawns, which had been laying in the brush to the right of the trail, heard me coming and jumped up. They went bounding across the cemetery lawn and stopped to the right of the cross where they turned and watched me curiously. You probably can't see them in the photo, but I thought I'd try. (You can see them if you click on the photo to enlarge it.) On the return trip they were still there, browsing around the edges of the lawn. They raced away with their tall white tails waving an alarm when I lifted my camera to take a shot. (Hey, that must be where the expression to "high-tail it out of here" came from!)

It's a very pretty place to walk.


  1. Lovely places to walk! I love the second photo because I love pictures of roads!

  2. Yes, that's actually a very short road leading into what seems to be a private cemetery plot. I've never actually walked into the cemetery, but from the trail I only see one headstone and that big white cross. I plan to explore it sometime. The gate is wide open and I've seen daycare workers take children to play there, so hopefully I wouldn't be intruding to take a closer look.