12 December 2009

Bullet fragments...

(This is from a blog written by my son, Josh. I think he's a very insightful young man! He and his wife, Jess, live in Dallas. This was written in August 2008, before they were married.)

Bullet Fragments

I used to work with this girl. I didn't know her that well but we got along pretty well. I don't remember that many things that we talked about, but I remember one thing perfectly. One day we were talking and she just stopped and said, "You have pretty eyes". It was totally innocent and she wasn't hitting on me or anything, but I've never forgotten it. I've felt better about how I looked since she said that. My girlfriend tells me that alot but this girl was the first one who'd ever said anything like that. It's amazing how a simple kind word can lodge in your heart and stay with you. Imagine how long a hurtful word would stay! Imagine the damage done by a fragment left inside of a heart. Always think, before you shoot, about the final resting place of your words. Plant something that grows; something that heals.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! I wasn't going to do my annual "encouraging words" Christmas cards/letters to my students, but after reading this I've changed my mind. If there is a chance they may feel this way after reading them, it's a must.

  2. That brings tears to this mama's eyes, Pom Pom. Thanks for letting me know how this effected you! I think I'll pass it along to Josh also, because we all need to know when we make a difference and touch others' lives. Blessings on you!