23 December 2009

A favorite old book...

Some time ago I read "Surprised by Joy" the autobiography of C.S. Lewis. In it he mentioned a book he had read as a boy. It was called "Castle Blair" by Flora L. Shaw and he said it told the story of a typical Irish aristocratic family and how they lived. I was intrigued and found this wonderful copy on eBay for about $6. I think it's a real treasure and I'm still reading it. I've found several good books with the help of Mr. Lewis! =0)


  1. Oh thank you, I am going to check this out !!! xoxoxo Clarice

  2. Hi Clarice!
    I don't see any more copies of this on eBay, but there are a few at Amazon for about $15. I guess I DID get a good deal! =0)

  3. Old books are so beautiful. This makes me want to go antiquing. Alas, I have papers to grade and if I get all wrapped up in a pile of books, it won't happen. Darn.