13 December 2009

Peace in the Midst...

As long as I'm posting my children's writings I thought I would post this piece written by my son, Jordan, (age 27) in October of 2009. I found it on the "Notes" page of his Facebook profile.

Peace in the Midst

Even when I beg You to speak, but I won't listen...
Even as I'm constantly surprised by my childish motives...
Even as I am terrified to fully trust You to protect me...
Even when I forget that Your life is on display in mine...

You are working to bring me closer to Your mark.
You are shaping me to move more freely.
You are saving me from who I would have been.
You'll whisper 'til I know Your voice.

I know that in time You'll complete me.
I desire to love like You.
Give me peace and joy during Your perfect process.
Through it let Your will be done.

You are faithful, Lord.
You are subtle and then overwhelming.
You are perfect love.
Let my days be worhsip to You.


  1. This is very special. I feel your joy.

  2. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could be like my kids when I grow up! LOL!