08 December 2009

minus 4...

Yes, that's the temperature! Minus 4! Thanks to the Lord, our little woodstove, with the help of a couple of baseboard heaters is keeping our log cabin pretty comfortable.

Hubby left early this morning to make a 2 hour drive to Fergus Falls (MN) to watch my dd, Micah, take her semester finals for her Equine Science course. That entails spending about 6 hours at the horse ranch where classes are held. The students do part of their finals on horseback and doing various demonstrations and then take the written part of the exam. Then he's loading up 5 big round bales on a trailer and coming home. I hope he gets back before dark! I was planning to go also, but with it being so cold I figured I'd better stay home and keep the stove going. Here's a link if you want to see the Red Horse Ranch! This is a horse crazy girls' dream-come-true!

As part of Micah's Equine Science course she has to write up a business plan and figure out the costs of starting her business including buying land, building the barn and house, etc. down to the smallest detail such as hooks to hang bridles on, lumber, nails, EVERYTHING! She did a good job with some mentoring from her dad. Her dream is to have a youth ranch where she can help troubled girls. She plans to go on and get a social work degree after Equine Science.

I just found some sandpaper and I'm going to make a template for cutting out quilt squares. It's a good day for cutting flannel squares and doing a little sewing. I may not get far, but it's a start!

Better go check that stove. Stay warm! =0)



  1. Hi Lisa! YES, you ARE the Lisa that will write a book! I kinda inferred that from all your reading, dreaming, blogging . . . Doesn't a year to relax and do it sound WONDERFUL! Happy! Happy!

  2. It sure does sound wonderful! And thanks for including me in your blog. I feel like a STAR! =0)