20 December 2009

Haines, Alaska...

As I've been reading Heather Lende's book, "If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name", I've become more and more curious about the little town of Haines, Alaska. I wanted to see actual pictures to see how they compared with the pictures in my mind. I had to do some digging. I began to think there was an unwritten rule that no pictures of the actual town were allowed to be shown! I found pictures of the fjord and mountains surrounding the town and videos of bears frolicing in the water, but no actual buildings! Well, my labor finally paid off and I found a nice video of this little place that looks surprisingly like the one in my imagination. Heather makes it sound like so much fun to live in Haines, but I see a lot of similarities between her Alaskan village and mine in northern Minnesota. We may not have mountains, but we also aren't quite so isolated. I think I like where I am, but it's always interesting to visit other places, and it's so easy thanks to the internet!

I also found Heather's blog and an online column she writes, so I can enjoy more of her great writing after I've finished the book.

Adios and Shalom!

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