14 March 2010

First walk of the spring!

I suddenly realized this morning that I can go walking! All the snow has melted from the streets and the walking trail. It's kind of brown, muddy and uninspiring out there, but I think I need the fresh air and quiet. This has traditionally been a good time for praying and meditating since our house is small and it's difficult to find a quiet place. I really need the exercise after doing very little of that over the winter! Gotta shed those winter pounds!

I walked a little over 2 miles, which is enough for the first time out. Maybe I'll get around to doing a short stretching routine later.

Our son Josh and his wife Jess, plus our son Jordan have all been living in Ft. Worth. As of this morning they're headed this way for a visit. They're driving, so it'll be late tomorrow, I expect, before they get here. Looking forward to seeing them and giving them a big hug!


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