01 March 2010

Paperbackswap and what I'm reading...

Had a little virus scare thanks to PBS, but I'm back online. Glad we had an old backup computer! Later I'll try to fix the infected one.

Speaking of PBS, I was just there on the community boards talking about my latest reads and thought maybe I'd post about them here, too.

I've been reading "Breaking Intimidation" by John Bevere for a while now, working my way through it slowly. This is something I really think I needed to read. He teaches about a spirit of intimidation which prevents us from operating in the gifts that God has put in us. What I've thought of as "being shy" I'm looking at with new eyes after reading this. I really recommend this for those struggling with that feeling of intimidation that tells you that you can't do something that you really feel God is leading you to do with your life.

I'm also re-reading "Fearless" by Max Lucado. I love his style of writing and the way he has so much fun with words, even when dealing with a serious topic like fear. There were a lot of "light-bulb moments" for me when reading this the first time, and I'm seeing even more the second time around.

My third book is "Agatha Christie: An Autobiography". I figured she would be a fascinating person to read about, and the book has been interesting, but I'm looking forward to reading about her adulthood. Her childhood has started to drag on, but she is getting older as I read, so I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, LOL! She says many wise things including this on contentment:

"It is astonishing how much you can enjoy almost everything. There are few things more desirable than to be an accepter and an enjoyer. You can like and enjoy almost any kind of food or way of life. You can enjoy country life, dogs, muddy walks, towns, noise, people, clatter. In the one there is repose, ease for nerves, time for reading, knitting, embroidery, and the pleasure of growing things; in the other theatres, art galleries, good concerts, and seeing friends you would otherwise seldom see. I am happy to say that I can enjoy almost everything."

Amen to that! We're beginning to see some signs of spring here in northern Minnnesota, such as temps in the 30's. Everything is still snow-covered, but it looks like we've weathered the coldest part of winter.

Shalom and have a great day!

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