20 March 2010

Yea, Spring!

It's kind of a pardoxical first day of spring. It started out at 12 degrees this morning and only made it up into the low 30's. At least the snow has all melted.

Jordan, Josh and Jess have been here for the last week visiting. They drove up from Ft. Worth and we were so glad to get to visit and give them a few hugs. It's a long way from Texas to Minnesota, so visits are pretty precious. On Friday, their last day here, we had a small pizza party/baby shower. Quite a few friends showed up and it was fun with pizza, treats and lots of dodge ball and Apples to Apples being played by all ages. Josh and Jess got many nice gifts for the baby expected in late July.

The paradox I mentioned in the first paragraph is that the kids left here this morning with no snow in sight and are now spending the night in Kansas where it's snowing like crazy! Our sons are experienced at driving in snow, so all should go well. Of course, we pray for them constantly. (And all of our kids!)

With the coming of spring (at least according to the calendar) I'm looking forward to planting a small garden. Maybe just a few rows of corn, some tomatoes, zucchini, (not a lot...I still have pureed zucchini in the freezer) and lettuce. I'll have to give some thought to what else I might grow. I'm realizing that I'm not into canning and don't have room for lots of frozen veggies, so I'll mostly grow things to eat fresh.

Another project is cleaning up the yard and outbuildings. We're hoping to work at this a little at a time over the summer. As we get older this gets to be more of a challenge! But it would be nice to see things cleaned up!

Time to stoke up the woodstove and go to bed.

Vaya con dios!

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