27 March 2010

A fun stitching project!

While checking out Jody's Gumbo Lily blog I saw that she was stitching tiny little samplers she calls itibits.

Looking over her recent blogs I found that she had gotten the idea from a blog called "39 Squares". It's such a cute project for practicing various embroidery stitches, I thought I would share it. One more thing I'd love to do, but probably won't get around to! LOL! Find out more here...

39 Squares


  1. Hi Lisa! I love Jody's stitching squares, too. I KNOW I won't make that happen but it IS fun to gaze in wonder at the tiny, miraculous pictures! I hope you are well. It's nice to hear from you.

  2. Thanks, Lisa, for the lil plug for my embroidery squares. I'm still at it but haven't posted any new ones lately.