22 March 2010

Wildlife extravaganza...

Here is an interesting look at the life of a barn owl named Molly. She's sitting in her nest box and we can watch what happens! Click here to watch her.

In other wildlife news, I went outside earlier to check on our dogs and to find out why they're all barking. I heard a really weird high pitched yapping in the back pasture. Training my flashlight beam in the general direction of the sound I saw two glowing eyeballs. A fox? I think so. He sure was noisy! He didn't seem the least bit scared of me and just kept on yapping. I can see why the dogs would bark. Heck, I'D bark if I was a dog. =0)

1 comment:

  1. Owls are some of my favorite birds, and hawks too. There is a huge tree near our house and we can hear an owl softly hooting at night sometimes.