27 March 2010

Learning about history a la Agatha Christie...

I was reading Agatha Christie's autobiography and found it fascinating to learn about her "school" life. She was mostly taught at home by her mom and later went to a couple of unique boarding schools. She mentions that one of the things she enjoyed was learning history by reading a book called "The Great Events of History". It begins with the crucifixion, which I thought was a very good place to begin. I found it on Google Books and thought some of you might enjoy looking at it.

Great Events of History

I look forward to reading this! =0)

I'm also reading a biography of John Bunyan and found a couple of very old books he read online. (Well, HE didn't read them online. They're AVAILABLE to read online.) =0/ This biography by Kevin Belmonte is intriguing to me because I'm kind of an Anglophile (look it up, hee, hee) and it is written in a very non-highbrow style. Interesting details.

I've been having a good Saturday off. A nice mixture of cooking, reading, Bible study and working outside. (Bringing in firewood, yard cleaning and trimming goat hooves!)

Have a great weekend!

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