11 July 2011

The demise of the cloth diaper...

My dear daughter, Micah, is due any minute and a baby shower is planned next Saturday. After looking over all of the elaborate plastic "stuff" that has been created in order to separate young parents from as much cash as possible, I decided to take a more practical route. Though Micah intends to start out using disposable diapers she is open to also using cloth, so I thought I would set her up with diapers, pins, waterproof pants and a pail. I never realized how difficult it would be to reach this simple goal!

I purchased two dozen cloth diapers at Wal-Mart. Mysteriously, they do not carry waterproof panties or pins. What do they expect people to do with the diapers? Oh, I see. It says you can dust furniture with them!

So, I drove to both 24-hour grocery stores, Family Dollar (where the lady said, "Oh, nobody uses those anymore."), a pharmacy...and then I gave up.

I did find a pail at Family Dollar that will suffice as a diaper pail. For the waterproof panties and pins I had to resort to ordering online from clothdiaper.com. I also found a good article on caring for cloth diapers at The Diaper Pin which I will copy and include with the pail, etc.

I realize that the majority of people opt for disposable diapers, but I think they're ridiculously expensive, not to mention...where do they all magically disappear to when we throw them away? I also know that there will be days when the money to buy a box of astronomically expensive diapers may not be there, and that's when I can feel good knowing that Micah has a backup plan! :D

Good luck to all of us old hippies who still believe in cloth diapers! And thank you clothdiaper.com!!!


  1. I'm pushing cloth diapers too! My DD asked me to make fitted cloth diapers for her and I did. My DIL has been buying a few of the fancier type diapers that are gently used. She uses mostly disposable, but sometimes uses cloth.

    I found the smaller sized waterproof panties on Amazon.com. My Walmart only sells the larger sizes. Why? Little babies are people too.


  2. Ha ha! Kelli found cloth diapers four years ago and used them for Birdie. They were SO fancy compared to the soft diapers my mother-in-law made for our kids.