31 July 2011

God is good...

"God IS good ! He's the definition of good. He's the reason we need the word good, so we can describe things that remind us of Him." My son Jordan expressed this sentiment on his Facebook wall yesterday. He's beginning a new life in Burleson, Texas and has lots of time to spend with God and practicing music for his new role as worship leader at his church. I agree with him wholeheartedly!

I thought of Jordan's words as I watched television this morning and somebody said, "I have some bad news." Where did bad news originate? Not from God...so I only see one other alternative; Satan. Up until the time he came on the scene everything was good. That's not just a coincidence.

How often do we give God credit for the bad things that happen in our lives? Doesn't He make the sun shine on the bad people as well as the good? No, I think that sneaky deceiver who poses as an angel of light can take the credit for everything bad that happens.

Did you notice that Jesus healed everyone that came to Him for healing? The Bible does mention two exceptions. There were two towns where he couldn't do many good works because of their unbelief. So I have to come to the conclusion that doing good is His will, but we get in the way sometimes. Or maybe we DON'T get in satan's way when we need to?

I don't say that as someone who has a perfect life. My mother is going down the Alzheimer's road, my granddaughter has extreme diabetes, my husband has many health issues. It's not popular to say, but this is our fault! Or at least mine! God gave us all of the authority we need to come against such things, but we've become wimpy believers in the area of healing. Too many have droned on about healing being something for the past. Why? Why would it be just for Biblical times? We still need it obviously. So, the only solution is to see what Jesus did, and do the same. He said we would do the same things He did and more. I don't know when that all became obsolete.

As a Christian I do have the comfort of knowing that those I love will be healed when they reach Heaven, but I think healing as well as all good things were intended for life here as well as Heaven. Sorry for the sermon; my son just got me thinking. :)

(Afterthought: This post is aimed at myself. I have no business judging anyone else's walk. Somebody may be praying mightily against some illness but healing has not been manifested yet. We have no way of knowing what's going on in others' lives. I'm holding myself responsible because I know I don't pray as I ought.)

And now for some of those good things! I took some photos of my weird assortment of flower containers and some of my tomato plants. As I've mentioned before, I'm a bit of an old hippy, so you'll have to excuse the weeds and rustic surroundings. I kind of like it! :)
I love this old wheelbarrow. My hubby found it at the dump after someone used it for mixing concrete. I only planted half of it with flowers and intended to plant some lettuce in the front, but I didn't get around to it. Oh well! They look very pretty anyway!
Yes, I think this IS a chamberpot that these petunias are occupying. It works! :D
I have so many old water bath canners lying around, they have found a new life as planters. My tomato plant loves it!
And this little bait bucket has lots of drainage for sure. I have to water this little flower more often.
A promising spot of red bespeaks the presence of an almost ripe tomato. I picked one a couple of days ago that was bright red, but not quite ready. So I'll try to be patient!
This clump birch in our front yard is a great place to enjoy the shade on a sunny day. I would love to draw its beautiful bark, so I'm putting it here for that purpose.I love this ancient swamp willow. It was old when we moved here 21 years ago and it, as well as many others on our property has just about reached the end of its lifespan. So, I wanted to immortalize it on film and maybe in pen and ink later. I've enjoyed sitting in its shade overlooking a large vegetable garden we had next to it years ago. Now it's pasture for our horses.

Thanks for letting me share my sunny day! Have a beautiful day wherever you may be!

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