22 July 2011

Library sale!

Have you seen on the news that Border Books is going out of business? It's a sign of the times, apparently. It was mentioned that e-books/Kindles are the main reason for the demise of this huge bookstore chain. To that I say...


I, personally, do not intend to succumb to e-books. It goes against everything that is enjoyable about reading to me. I love OLD books with history behind them. Books that have been owned by lots of people before me. The old yellowed pages are part of the charm of the experience.

Determined to do my part to preserve the old-fashioned paper books many of us love, I will continue to grow my personal library so that my grandchildren can enjoy the heft of a good book; so they can turn pages and enjoy illustrations up close and personal. What better way to collect these treasures than through a library book sale!

Below is a list of all the books I found for a grand total of $8! Of course, I also spent an additional dollar for the quilt raffle. :)

Children's books:
(Many of these books I chose for their illustrations and they will probably spill over to my art blog in the future! Others I picked up just because they are delightful books to read to youngsters.)
Ride a Purple Pelican-Jack Prelutsky/illus. Garth Williams (love Garth Williams!)
Arthur's Christmas-Marc Brown
Brownies-It's Christmas! by Gladys Adshead/illus. Velma Ilsley (quirky little old book...reminds me of Scandinavian folk tales)
The Snow Queen-Illus. Bernadette Watts (beautiful illustrations)
Diary of an Early American Boy-Eric Sloane (love his pen and ink drawings!)
Georgie and the Magician-Robert Bright
The Great Cat Chase-Mercer Mayer (a favorite illustrator)
Star of Wild Horse Canyon-Bulla
Groundhog's Horse (These two horse stories are for granddaughter Audrey because she will LOVE horses!)
The Coriander-Eilis Dillon (This may be a YA book. I bought it to read myself!)
On Market Street-Arnold Lobel/illu. Anita Lobel (another favorite illustrator)
I Can Color-Usborne (some coloring activities-cute little book)
The Egg Tree-Katherine Milhouse (unusual Pennsylvania Dutch-type illustrations)
You Are Special-Max Lucado
Fantastic Mr. Fox-Roald Dahl (My 29 year old son, Jordan, loves quirky movies and we've watched a movie based on this book. I didn't realize it was based on a children's book. I'll be mailing this to him as an inside joke.)
When We Were Very Young-A.A. Milne
Now We Are Six-A.A. Milne (These two A.A. Milne books are full of wonderful little illustrations by E.H. Shepard. Drawing practice! What a treat!)
The Little Golden Book of Poetry
Farmer Boy-Laura Ingalls Wilder

For Paperbackswap:
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All-Gurganus
Chop Wood, Carry Water-Fields
The Creators-Boorstin

For me:
Dialogues of Plato (I keep giving away my copy and have never read it!)
Country Woman-Smith
Gossip at Thrush Green, Battles at Thrush Green, No Holly for Miss Quinn-Miss Read
If You Can Talk, You Can Write-Saltzman (This title and next for my writing collection.)How to Write and Sell Greeting Cards-Wigand
The Golden Bible Atlas
Vanity Fair-Thackeray
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings-Angelou
The Brothers Karamazov-Dostoevsky
The Country of the Pointed Firs-Jewett (about a writer)
The Sketchbook-Washington Irving
(Some of these are classics I just want to maybe read someday and others just sounded interesting. If you see something here that you know is really strange, let me know!)

My bookshelves are bulging, but I keep culling and adding new things. I love the feeling of knowing I can always find something wonderful to read anytime of the night or day!

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  1. FUN, Lisa! I just read The Country of the Pointed Firs this year. I loved it! On Market Street was a favorite of ours. Farmer Boy is a "every year" must read for me. No wonder we get along so well! We love all the same things! Working on your art missive . . .