07 July 2011

I brake for garage sales!

Actually, I rarely go to garage sales because I know myself well enough to know that I'll bring home lots of stuff I don't really need. Today we were supposedly taking our daughter in search of inexpensive furniture for their new home. She did manage to find a coffee table and end table, but mostly I had fun buying "lots of stuff I don't really need"! And heeeeeere it is! :DA northwoodsy throw complete with loons and a cabin. I love loons...AND cabins!
A little duck family and "Strawberry Girl" by Lois Lenski. Love those illustrations!
A colorful crocheted throw. I don't crochet, so I'm always impressed by those who do. I want to learn some day if only to crochet my own pot scrubbers!
A couple of cute tea cups embossed with leaves. Teacups are another favorite thing of mine.
See! :D I love the little detail inside of the cup.
I think the pictures on this set are beautiful. My love of drawing influences even my choice of dishes!
Here's the set. Minus a cup, but a steal at $3! (And I can only use one cup at a time anyway, lol!)
A cute little bluebird plaque...
...and a another plaque with a good message.
A Psalm plaque, a couple of "I Spy" books for when Audrey (my granddaughter who's almost here) is old enough...maybe six years from now? And a cute roll of wallpaper border with colorful birds.
Oh, I almost forgot! I also got a Sewing Genie, which is a tiny sewing machine, for $2. Hope it works! I don't have a machine and am not a sewer, but every now and then I wish I could stitch some quilt squares together or something, so it's nice to have.
Gee, I guess I really DO need all of this stuff! :D


  1. Lisa, I love your finds! Strawberry Girl is a delicious book. I love dishes, too. I do not have one vacant spot left for dishes so I must resist. Oh, look at Ratty and Mole in your header!

  2. Beautiful finds! Isn't it fun when you actually find something you love at a garage sale?