23 July 2011

Two little precious kiddos...

I just came across this photo of grandson, Nathan Aslan Richards, who lives in Ft. Worth. He just turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday. I'm not sure if the picture is right-side-up, but it sure is cute! Awwww....

This is our sweet little brand new granddaughter, Audrey Rayne Yliniemi. She just turned ZERO YEARS OLD on July 18! My children were all pretty much bald at birth, so we were amazed at Audrey's hairdo. I guess it's common on her dad's side of the family. Do you notice something in common? Binkies! You gotta love 'em! :D

I just thought that these were two superb pictures. I don't have pictures of all of my grandchildren online. I should work on that. Hmmm.... I could visit Facebook and steal photos from my children's albums. Good idea!

We now have three grandchildren with birthdays in about a one week period! Wow!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! Little Audrey is very feminine looking. She is a precious little newbie! Congratulations, Grandma!