15 July 2012

An awesome sunset and a llama named Tony...

 Hubby, Bob, and I were sitting in our lawn chairs visiting and enjoying looking at our weedy garden. Hey, it's green! The evening was so nice and cool compared to earlier. I just had to run for my camera when I saw the sun setting!

We moved some of our horses into the pasture behind our house. We also moved the llama, Tony, and our only goat, Olga. (There's a round bale in the background. Tony's bottom isn't actually THAT big!)

They like the horses, though some of these horses had never been in the same pasture as Tony and they're a little scared of him. He took it all in stride and followed them around checking them out. It's his job to protect the herd, so he investigates any newcomers to make sure they aren't mountain lions or anything. ;)  Actually, my daughter bought Tony to use for 4-H, so now he will live out his life among the horsey set. We've had so many goats over the years. We're now down to one, but we plan to look for a good milker eventually. I had planned to take more photos of the mares and foals, but my camera battery died, so I'll try again tomorrow.

In a totally different vein, while reading Hazelnut's blog today I just had to look up and identify the very unusual looking flower in one of her photos. Would you believe it's called an orange-ball-tree? Very cool, but...

what really caught my attention was this photo!

Yes, it's giant rhubarb! This was taken somewhere in England and I can now see why they are the land of fairy tales. Aren't these magical? Can't you just see fairies living among them?

And one more photo. My granddaughter, Tori, and great-grandson, Oliver. Aren't they a cute couple of people?

Good-night and shalom!

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  1. Hi Lisa! Wow! That's an amazing rhubarb plant!
    I'm glad the weather cooled. The animals are cute!
    Tori and Oliver ARE so precious!