02 July 2012

Cooling off...

It was so stuffy in the house today (no air conditioning) that I finally took my glass of iced tea and some sketching materials and sat in my favorite chair by the garden!

Do you like all the weeds? The combination of a long spell of rain combined with lots of heat has been great for growing weeds. Unfortunately, this combo happened at the same time that our rototiller is in the shop, and the repairman is in no apparent hurry to get it fixed! I suppose we will rent one eventually, but for now...

I'm just trying to keep up with the peas, beans, carrots and tomatoes the old-fashioned way. :D

This is what the rest of the front "yard" looks like from my lawn chair. It's actually just a pasture that we mow, but it will develop in the years ahead...Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Here's that bit of sketching I was working on in my copy of "The Enchanted Barn" by Grace Livingston Hill. I also read a chapter of the book. My reading is way ahead of my drawing, so there's no danger of covering up the story before I get to it. Ayala Art has a challenge to draw 31 hearts this month. I don't think I'll try to keep up. I like hearts, but I prefer a simple quick little heart here and there; not anything complex. I thought I'd do one more intricate one and then an occasional one. This isn't finished yet... (It was hard shooting this pic left handed!)

Besides looking at the garden and sketching, hubby Bob fixed us some supper and we ate outside in our chairs! (scrambled eggs, waffles and sausage!) Sorry, didn't get a picture of that! This led to Micah, Adam and Audrey coming out (they ate inside) and everyone sat around the garden visiting until it got dark and the mosquitoes discovered us. It was a good way to keep cool! We'll have to do that more often. Micah is exploring the idea of building a fire pit so we can make s'mores!

I took this shot on one of my trips into the house. Glorious! We did feel a drop or two, but overall it was sunny.

I just discovered this photo in my camera. Doesn't she look innocent? The fridge is one of her favorite things.

Well, everyone keep cool today. I have to work from noon to eight and the kids from Texas should show up tonight. I don't think I'll see them until tomorrow evening maybe.

Keep enjoying your summer and shalom to you all! :D

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  1. Hi Lisa! The views are lovely green!
    I like what you are doing in your book! That's fun, huh?
    Yahoo for family!