21 July 2012

Evening entertainment...

We've begun a little tradition in our family on these hot days. We arrange our lawn chairs at one end of the vegetable garden in the shade of an old tree, and we sit and visit, drink iced tea and laugh at Audrey's antics.

We watched the sprinkler over our weedy garden. (We actually had it rototilled recently, but I haven't done much hand weeding.)

And we watched a thunderstorm rolling by. It stayed to the east of us, so we enjoyed listening to the rumblings and watching it light up the clouds.

This one reminds me of a painting by one of the old masters.

A close-up of the little pink guy in the middle of the cloud.


Then the flies started biting my legs and I headed for the house!



  1. Hi Lisa! Wow! It sounds like a perfect summertime activity! I bet Audrey loves her audience!
    Your cloud pictures ARE LOVELY! I hope you have a restful Sunday!

  2. What gorgeous photos! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a hot day :-)

    Louise xx